Gear Oil 320 no 20 ltr

Description The Castrol Alpha SP range are high quality mineral extreme pressure gear lubricants. They are formulated using high quality mineral base oils which are fortified with a sulfur-phosphorous additive system to prevent scuffing in heavily loaded applications. The balanced formulation separates water rapidly and resists foaming ensuring optimum film strength at the point of contact. The range can be used in splash lubricated or forced circulation systems Application Spur, bevel, spiral bevel and planetary gearboxes Pump bearings Crankcase lubricant for high pressure mud or cement pumps Castrol Alpha SP gear oils are formulated to give a high level of load carrying performance together with other-characteristics giving long life and tolerance towards contaminants in a harsh operating environment:-Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.Good water resistance and demulsification characteristics.Protection of iron and bronze components against corrosion.

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