HP Cuting oil 500no 210 ltr.

HP Cuting oil 500no 210 ltr oils designed for use in circulating systems are made from high viscosity index, chemically stable base stocks which are further fortified with antioxidants, anticorrosion, antiwear and antifoam additives. They meet the requirements of very high pressure systems also of systems where high pump speeds are encountered. ENKLO grades possess the following characteristics:
Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of the hydraulic pump and the designed system. High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions Good film strength and antiwear properties to Minimise wear of pumps, valves, Cylinders, pistons etc Maximum demulsibility to allow entrained water to settle down. Excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and corrosion of metal parts. Resistance to foaming to ensure prompt and efficient functioning. High chemical stability to ensure long and trouble free service life. Specifications:

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