Hydraulic Oil 68 210 ltr.

Deemoil® Hydraulic oil (HD) 68 210 ltr is blended from imported super clean base oils and contains selected viscosity index improvers, which are highly shear stable. These products are further strengthening with premium additive package, which have outstanding anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and hydrolytic stability properties. This product is recommended for use in hydraulic systems of earthmoving equipments, especially TATA – HITACHI equipments. Also suitable for moderate to high load hydraulic systems where the temperature variations available. It also works best for mining, construction underground equipments like tunnel boring machine, drilling machine, hydraulic lifts etc.
Superior anti-wear properties reduce metal to metal contact at high temperature.
Tends to increase pump and hydraulic systems life.
Seal compatibility with various type seal avoids leakage issue.
Good anti-foaming and anti-rusting properties reduce cavitations.

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